Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights

founded 2005


The Jiyan Foundation supports survivors of human rights violations, promotes democratic values and defends fundamental freedoms in Kurdistan-Iraq. The Jiyan Foundation strives for a society where the dignity of the human person is protected, where adults and children enjoy the right to life and liberty, and where citizens are free from torture and terror.


The Jiyan Foundation promotes the physical rehabilitation, mental well-being and social reintegration of survivors and their family members by providing them with medical treatment, psychotherapeutic support and socio-legal counseling. In addition, we seek to protect survivors of past human rights abuses and prevent future acts of violence through professional training, human rights education, public awareness-raising, and political advocacy. Our activities focus on six thematic programs: Program for Survivors of Torture, Program for Victims of Genocide, Program for Refugees and Displaced Persons, Program for Women and Girls, Program for Children and Adolescents and the Program for Democracy and Civil Society. The variety of these programs depicts our holistic approach which we base on the experience that in post-repressive societies, the rehabilitation of individuals, families and communities is a crucial step in building a peaceful civil society.