Booklet-Series: Trauma Surviving and Hope

Wien, Austria
In several stories about sleeplessness, concentration problems, anxiety, anger and aggression, grief, dark memories, etc. we talk about the problems faced after emotional injuries and make suggestions about what could help.
The first edition is published on the occasion of the 5th International Mayors’ Conference
NOW, 29 – 30 January 2018, in Vienna, Austria. It was conceived and realised by the
NOW Working Group Trauma Surviving, an interdisciplinary and international group
of experts in the field of trauma survival.
The purpose of the first publication is to provide young teenagers with an understanding
of the impact of traumatic experiences on their sleep patterns. To reach as many
traumatised children as possible we are looking for partners interested in distributing
this booklet available in four languages: German, English, Arabic and Farsi.