Booklet-Series: Trauma Surviving and Hope

Wien, Austria
Many young people suffer from the effects of traumatic experiences. To provide young teenagers with an understanding of their impact the booklet series “Trauma Surviving and Hope” addresses posttraumatic symptoms in picture stories. In several stories about sleeplessness, concentration problems, anxiety, anger and aggression, grief, dark memories, etc. we talk about the problems faced after emotional injuries and make suggestions for strategies to alleviate them.
About the booklet series
Three booklets on sleeplessness, concentration problems and avoidance, are already available in English, German, Arabic, Farsi/Dari. In total, it is planned to publish 10 stories and further translations in Pashto, Kurmancî/Sorani, French and Turkish. Our target group are young people of 12 years and above from all over the world who are suffering from the effects of traumatic experiences. We consciously avoid to specify the traumatic experience to enable diverse possibilities for identification.