NOW Working Group Trauma Surviving

founded 2017


Growing up in situations of war, flight and arriving in an unfamiliar environment can be traumatic and often has after-effects for years which aggravate the integration in a new society. The NOW Working Group Trauma Surviving concentrates on general problems concerning trauma and trauma surviving: Just a few refugees get sufficient psychological/psychotherapeutic treatment regarding the posttraumatic and ongoing traumatisation and the challenging situation. Traumatised children often struggle with further consequences like concentration difficulties, sleeping disorders and problems in school. Additionally, the network of parents, relatives and caregivers who usually look after the well-being of a child, are often themselves overstrained or traumatised. The NOW Working Group Trauma Surviving developed a psycho-educative project producing comics to raise awareness for trauma and its symptoms and to encourage concerned youth to get support.
Motivation: Expanding the psycho-social support for children and youth and their care-givers suffering from trauma
Aims to: Empower traumatised children and youth to deal with their trauma and get support
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