Poika - Verein für gendersensible Bubenarbeit in Erziehung und Unterricht

founded 2008


poika is an award-winning not for profit NGO based in Vienna which focuses on gendersensitive education of boys and young men. It was founded in 2008 with regards to the rising need of young men to reflect traditional gender roles and male stereotypes. poika offers workshops for boys and young men to support their development from child- into manhood. The workshops are held in schools and social centres where boys and young men can explore and reflect their identit/ies under expert supervision. Themes range from violence-prevention, gender equality, sexuality and masculinities to job-coaching and life-perspective planning. Boys and men are supported to develop self-esteem without the need to oppress others and are trained in violence-free conflict and communication strategies. poika is also an expert in coaching and working with adults who are in charge of boys' and young men's formal and informal education such as teachers, social workers, psychologists and job coaches. poika cooperates with women's and feminist NGOs and girls' workers in order to reach young people of all genders. poika is net-worked with boys' counselling NGOs throughout Europe, is a member of MenEngage Europe, and has been an active member within the ERASMUS+ framework since 2014. poika has organised three international conferences co-hosted by the University of Applied Sciences & Management in Vienna, Austria. Since 2015 poika actively works with young male unattended refugees. 


A selection:
  • Workshops with boys (different types): Violence prevention, Conflict culture. E.g.: http://bit.ly/1PIDuCs 
  • Representing engaging men at youth conferences
  • Young male refugee training: Talking about life in Austria, Discussing, Learnings, Future
  • Seminars with teachers (kindergarten and school) and youth workers (e.g. austrian scouts) to gendersensitive boys work. E.g.: http://bit.ly/1Tcafxj
  • Seminar in Durres/Albania (Albanian Community Centre): gendersensitive working with marginalised children
  • Developing curricula


Engage Boys, Gender