founded 2016


The organization’s mission is to build trust and create a positive environment among individuals and societies to have a better understanding and acceptance in harmony for the well-being of future generations.

Goals: The aim of the association is to spread positive behavior based on values in order to live in a more democratic and peaceful environment both in our country and around the world. It also aims to enhance adults’ and children’s skills to become socially and emotionally strong, mentally healthy individuals by raising self and cultural awareness; to initiate and maintain social co-existence. It contributes to each individual armed with local and universal values to be in peace with himself and the society.


  • To enable scientific research on education, science, culture, art, migration, sports and to organize services and activities in accordance with law and provides consultation when necessary.
  • To develop and implement   national and international education programs.
  • To organize, prepare and conduct projects for the purposes of the service issues.
  • To organize conferences, symposia, meetings, panels, training courses, seminars and summer schools on education, science, culture, humanity, art, and sport and to provide consultancy.
  • To develop local, national and international partnerships with institutions