Led By HER

founded 2014


Led By HER is a non-profit organization based in France to promote innovation on women’s rights and access to entrepreneurship. 


Led By HER offers a social incubator that helps women who have suffered from violence become entrepreneurs through a one year program built with two business schools (IESEG and ESCP), individual mentoring, and events (including hackathons). It has a community of more than 250 volunteers and collaborates with companies (Google, AXA, Orange, DELL. BAIN, BNP Paribas, Starbucks). Led By HER innovates in the social sphere by providing companies with workshops around innovation and entrepreneurship. The organization engages in awareness raising activities around these causes and is sponsored by innovation minister Axelle Lemaire. Led By HER collaborates with the European Commission and the OECD to create a more inclusive world for women's rights and access to entrepreneurship.