International Institute for Peace

founded 1989


The IIP aims at conducting peace research but is also intended to function as a platform to promote non-violent conflict resolution in different areas of the world and to a wide range of people – scholars, diplomats, military staff and civil society but also to students and people who are interested into topics concerning peace and peaceful approaches to existing conflicts.


Work relating to requirements and conditions for sustainable peace is wide-ranging and investigates the subject from many angles. In order to meet those challenges, the IIP is collaborating with various national and international institutions and organisations. The IIP – alone or in cooperation – organizes lectures, conferences, summer schools, workshops and symposia on issues which are dealing with peace and/or peaceful conflict-resolutions. Research projects in cooperation with Austrian and international experts as well as with leading scholars also provide findings in the fields of economy, society and peaceful conflict resolution to governments and international organizations. The IIP is also publishing articles and books on relevant topics and tries to combine its public activities with artistic or cultural elements.