Atina - Citizens Association to Combat Human Trafficking and all Forms of Gender-Based Violence

founded 2003
Women and girls - independent, empowered, and with the possibility to have free choices and stand up for them are Atina’s main aim to achieve. The work of the organization is guided by the needs of women and girls survivors of trafficking in persons, exploitation and gender-based violence, and is created together with them. The programme is fluid, allows space for change and provides chances for women and girls to develop. It is a direct response to non-existence of adequate, long-term support programmes which respect gender perspective and which are based on the invaluable experience of women’s movement activists. Atina is bringing feminist perspective and principles to all respective actors, affects the causes of human trafficking and violence against women, improves the position and protection of survivors, strengthens gender equality, and contributes to wider social cohesion. Through its advocacy initiatives, Atina is a constant reminder to state institutions and strongly influences them to change their opinions and practices concerning the position of women and women's rights.


NGO Atina is fully dedicated to the respect of victims’ human rights, cooperation and participation of victims throughout the process of influencing root causes of trafficking, such as: relations in the primary and secondary family, poverty, previous experiences of marginalization and discrimination, deprivation from basic rights, unemployment and educational deprivation. NGO Atina’s aim is to support the transition process in Serbia towards development of society which will fully respect the rights of women and children. It stands for establishment of equal status of all members of society in public and private spheres, through identification of, and struggle against, gender-based marginalization, discrimination and violence, and provision of direct assistance and support in reintegration of victims of trafficking and sexual and labour exploitation. More specifically, the aim of Atina's work is to create a sustainable system for the social inclusion of marginalized and multiple discriminated groups (above all - victims of trafficking and other forms of exploitation).


Activities to achieve Atinas objective are carried out on four specific levels: empowerment and support to the inclusion of victims themselves; capacity building of local communities to more efficiently respond to problems of prevention, identification and reintegration of victims of human trafficking and other forms of exploitation; strengthening capacities of relevant institutions and organizations at local and national level; working on the fight against prejudice, marginalization and discrimination, and provision of direct assistance and support to victims of trafficking and sexual exploitation.