Trauma Picture Book

Hamburg, Germany
For children with traumatic experience and their families Susanne Stein offers two counselling tools, a Trauma Picture Book and a Trauma Picture Sheet. By reading, painting and playing the child and its parents gain a better understanding of the effect of post-traumatic stress upon their present situation. It just does not disappear once you are in a safe(r) place. Tips are given on how to feel better: with help of parents and supporters, by own activities and possibly by a special trauma therapy.
 The Trauma Picture Book (first edition, 2014) is primarily made for children. It contains the story of a child, who grows up in a peaceful surrounding, who was traumatized during a war, whose family fled to a safe country or place and at least got rid of the traumatic shadow. For the parents it contains also basic explanations about trauma and trauma help. Children find suggestions for painting and playing with the figures.
The Trauma Picture Sheet (first edition, 2019) is especially made for parents. It shows them by pictures with only a headline how children may react to traumatic experiences, what makes children’s fears even bigger and what parents can do themselves to sooth the injured soul of their children.
Both booklets were created by Susanne Stein supported by therapists of different methods.  A great number of volunteers translated it into more than 10 languages, a graphic designer helped to publish it on the website  .
Both booklets are available as free downloads. It is also possible to get hard copies from the author printed by the GEW.
Until now the booklets – as far as we know - are used in Europe including refugee camps in Greece as well as in Syria, Turkey, the Ukraine and the Iraq for counselling families and for further education of teachers and other supporters.


  • Writing and painting booklets for trauma help
  • Cooperation with experts, translators and publisher
  • Publishing the booklets and sending hard copies to private people and organisations
  • Giving workshops about the question how to use the booklets and about trauma-sensible education for refugees in schools, kinder gardens and children’s care facilities.