Trauma Picture Book

Hamburg, Germany
Children with traumatic experience and their families unterstand better why they do suffer from different sorts of post traumatic stress. They learn a lot about the ways to feel better: by own activities, with the aid of their parents or of other supporters, perhaps in the special trauma-therapie.
The Trauma Picture Book is an information- and counseling tool. It contains a story of a child which is traumatized, flies to a save country and at last get rid of the traumatic fear. It contains also special explanations for parents, proposels for painting and playing with the figures for the children. Everyone can get it as a free download from the internet in - until NOW - 10 languages or get some hard copies from the author printed by the GEW. It can be read by the parents themselves. It can be read together with the childen. It can be used by professional und volunteer supporters to help the children to come along better with their problems. Sometimes it opens the door for a therapie, which is often not known by the families before. The Trauma Picture Book is also useful as a basic information for non-therapeutic-supporters to understand better the situation of children after war and flight. It is used in many organisations such as kindergartens, schools, hospitels, by therapists and in refugee camps. As I know from personal feedback it used in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Greece, Syria, Turkey, Iraque.


  • Writing and painting the book
  • Finding translaters and cooperate with the translaters
  • Publishing the book in the internet Finding sponsors for printing hard copies
  • Giving workshops about the question how to use the book and about trauma-sensible work with refugees