In partnership with UNICEF and Questscope, MECI will provide refugee and Jordanian drop out adolescents and youth with a unique educational recovery opportunity to get them back into formal pathways to Tawjihi certification or vocational training.
The partnership is meant to target between 750-1,000 students with non-formal education services across 30 schools located all over northern, central and southern Jordan in 2018 through 2020. This ambitious porject aims to target highly vulnerable refugee and Jordanian adoelscents and youth who have experienced academic failure and/or did not have access to formal education outlets for over 3 years. This fast track and highly participatory endeavor will aim to provide them with general knowledge to ensure their successful referrals back into formal education.


"*All general subjects required by the Ministry of Education in Jordan are taught using a unique participatory methodology placing the student at the core of his/her learning experience throught debates and experiments *Experiences of various nature and kind are offered to students on a regular basis (trips, community engagement activities and events.. etc.) *Protection services through awareness sessions and referral services to case management organizations *MoE facilitators are recruited and extensively trained on a methodology specifically designed to address education in a different approach to the formal methodology which led targeted students to drop out/fail iun the first place *Program student familiesare regularly engaged to support their children's long term efforts and success"