Municipal Apprenticeship Initiative

Miltenberg, Germany
The “Municipal Apprenticeship Initiative” targets young unaccompanied minor refugees and young adults living in asylum shelters in the District to facilitate the completion of an apprenticeship and the integration in the local labour market.
In 2015, the District of Miltenberg experienced a huge increase in young refugees. The integration of the new citizens in the labour market is considered as the major priority to foster the social integration of the newly arrived asylum seekers. At the same time, the region faces a demographic problem. The Statistical Office of the Federal State of Bavaria foresees a change in the age structure in the region with an increase of the population older than 65 years and a considerable decline of the share of young people. The industrial sector has to cope with a growing shortage of skilled workers. About 700 apprenticeships are unfilled. Therefore, the young immigrants have an enormous potential for the future development of the region and the initiatives capitalises on that potential.


  • Selection of suitable motivated candidates
  • Selection of customised apprenticeship placement solutions
  • Tutoring and remediation training for apprentices
  • Individual coaching for each participant