Kompa offers information/exchange/support on asylum issues, as well as intercultural encounters in Vienna and Lower Austria. Kompa supports communities and volunteers to enable social cohesion between refugees and local communities by implementing a flexible approach to meet the clients’ needs.
Kompa offers:
  • Presentations, discussions and workshops.
  • Professional consulting.
  • Conflict prevention and mediation.
  • Cultural and sport activities.
  • Networking and personal encounters.

Our topics are:
Good cohabitation and social cohesion, accommodation for refugees, diversity and participation. Background information (Asylum law, trauma, deradicalization, intercultural communication, intercultural conflicts, prevention of violence etc.); Expectations and questions from refugees regarding the Austrian society.


  • Support of (new) initiatives from volunteers.
  • Further training and reflection rounds for volunteers.
  • Moderations and presentations/lectures.
  • Democracy workshops for Unaccompanied Refugee Minors URM.
  • Organization of meeting cafes.
  • Conflict resolution (in relation to refugees, volunteers, communities and neighborhoods).
  • Streetwork for conflict prevention in communities and municipalities
  • Cultural and Sport activities


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