In 2017, Ville de Lyon took the opportunity to consult their citizens on educational structural change via Civocracy. They opened local education decisions to students, teachers and parents in order to encourage the city to change education policy based upon the experiences of the community.
The key aims were as follows:
- To decide what activities should be provided in schools outside of class.
- To establish the organisational needs of families, and determine how the city can assist.
- To identify the school pattern that is best for pre-schoolers to follow. Successes Very high participation that generated very creative and relevant ideas. Deep-data insights into priority differences across districts, and between different demographics. The city actively read 99.5% of citizen comments on the platform. Six major structural changes were made as a result of the consultation.


The city opted to run an ongoing consultation via the Civocracy platform, which included an open forum-style debate and a more closed survey approach. The online consultation supported and amplified the feedback collected in offline meetings.