NOW Working Group Children’s Rights

founded 2018

The NOW Working Group Children’s Rights is an interdisciplinary and international group of practitioners and experts in the field of human rights with a focus on the rights and wellbeing of children. All its work is based on the firm conviction that every single child is a rights holder regardless of origin, gender, religion and their legal status.
The main focus will be to translate this commitment – as part of the overall Act.Now process – into practical action by strengthening protection of children’s rights, creating opportunities for child participation and ensuring a protective environment for children, starting from the local level


To raise awareness and share expertise across borders through advocacy and education, because sensitivity and capacity make all the difference for societies and the stakeholders involved in protecting the rights of children.


Aims to:
The NOW Working Group Children’s Rights aims to develop practical tools, promote research findings and provoke discussion and exchange, including through cross-border-cooperation, about promising practices regarding children’s rights protection. This includes actions to empower all stakeholders, including children, with thematic knowledge and capacities, challenge stereotypical narratives on children in public discourse, strengthen civil society working with children, promote social cohesion and inter-generational dialogue, monitor implementation of child rights protection standards and support children’s access to justice